Eyes update

My eyes are looking straight. I forget and switched eyes but that makes my head hurt. No lazy eye. I still have double vision and I can’t suppress the 2nd image.



Doctors say my eyes are convergent and divergent. They said I would be perfect for the surgery. The Dr said he can maneuver the muscles attached to my eyes. He said he would not touch the brain. The eyes would see straight immediately but there would be a delay when I turn my eyes left or right. Damn disease. The surgery is 10-30-14. The Dr said don’t worry about a costume, my eyes would be bloody. Yay! One eye will be patched and the other would be for all to see.

Note: Neuro Opthamologist Dr is Dr Aaron Grant
Residents; Dr Joshua Roe and Dr Powell

See anesthesiologists (A) on 10-28-14 for general A & Percocet.



Each day I fight. Its getting harder. I couldn’t get out of the tub today and had to call Mya for help. My right leg decided to not function AT ALL. Foot, shin, calf, knee and thigh dead. My arms are even tired. I’m not giving up but I hate this darn disease. I didn’t deserve it, I’ve been through enough shid.